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Oko Drammeh is the all-time African music promoter and has produced more music concerts of African artists than anyone in the world. Drammeh accurately predicted an increase in the popularity of Africa's music. Although there were few African musicians known outside of Africa when he began the African Music Festival in Amsterdam, Oko has continued to broaden the exposure of African artists to the world through festivals, concerts, radio and TV programs, educational conferences, symposiums and now through the Internet and emerging media.

Oko is one of the leading promoters of African music festivals in the world.His festival in Amsterdam, launched in 1983, has grown into a major event, drawing more than 10,000 people annually.He organized the first African Music Festival festival in the United States, holding the fete at the John Anson FordTheater in Los Angeles in September 1997. In 2001 he held the African Music Festival in Amsterdam at the Paradiso together with U.S. partner Lasting Value, in a three-day event featuring musicians from Congo, Ghana, Gambia, Senegal and several other countries.

"I am proud to be admired by the top artists of Africa who contacted me to participate in my programs and the African Music Festival has catapulted them to international success after their performance with me at my Festival," says Oko.

The festival has featured the major artists in African music as well as the lesser known master musicians from all over Africa. The African Music Festival has featured stars like Manu Dibango, Osibisa, Franco & the O.K. Jazz, Bembeya Jazz National, Miriam Makeba, Hugh Masekela and the new generation of artists, including the late Lucky Dube, Salif Keita, Youssou N'Dour, Mory Kante, Papa Wemba, Ali Farka Toure, Toure Kunda and Ifang Bondi.

Oko presented the African Music Festival Stage at the Nanning Folk Music Festival in China in 2005. There he toured China and opened offices with partners in China. Oko toured the Caribbean on an African cultural tour of Jamaica, Dominca, Antigua, Martinique, Guadalupe and the Virgin Islands.

The Oko Drammeh Foundation for Children

The Oko Drammeh Foundation supports the inherent value and dignity of each person and endeavors to create an environment of hope, peace and respect for all children and create opportunities for them to realize their full potential.

Oko Drammeh parading for the President of The Gambia on the July 22 celebrations with the children of Holland invited by Oko Drammeh Foundation to The Gambia

Oko Drammeh Foundation with school children from The Netherlands on an a cultural exchange-educational trip to Africa. Oko (in green)

A Certificate of Appreciation for the Oko Drammeh Foundation to help orphan children.

The Gambian Ambassador to the European Union, Mr. Yousu Kah with Dutch school children to visit The Gambia.

The Oko Drammeh Foundation organized this trip for Dutch students from the city of Delft, Holland to visit Africa in an educational cultural exchange program to promote education for children and gender equality. Here the children are shown with Gambian President Jammeh

Oko with Kunta Kinteh's descendent Binta Kinteh

School children from England visiting the Oko Drammeh Foundation in The Gambia on the program Education Africa Teaching. (E.A.T.)

The program book with Oko and Arnold and Ngozi of the Education Africa Teaching from the United Kingdom

Exchange program participants experiencing history and storytelling under the big tree of Sannementereng, a sacred tree

Exchange program participants in a Rite of Passage Ceremony at the Kunta Kinteh compound in Juffure, The Gambia, conducted by descendents of Kunta Kinteh for from the United Kingdom

The sacred crocodiles at Katchikali where students experience the myth and mystery of African culture.

The Mask Museum and secret society arts narrated to the students


Oko drinking koni juice to kill thirst in a small village on the banks of the river Gambia.

African dance lessons for program participants

African art lessons for program participants

Oko and students looking at a site to build a water well for a village in The Gambia.

A sponsored water well provided by the Foundation






The Geneology of Oko Drammeh
Narrated in the Wollof tribal language of The Gambia & Senegal by the legendary
Gambian historian (griot), Ajaratou Yamundow Jobe

The 500-year history of Oko Drammeh and the life of his mother, Ya Arriet Mboge and his father Kebba Drammeh. Narrated by an 80-year-old African ndannan, meaning a griot in the Wolof tribe of the Senegambia region in west Africa -- Ajaratou Yamundow Jobe -- the legendary national griot and composer of many epic songs on Gambian history and heritage on Radio Gambia, the national radio network.

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Oko Drammeh Honored at SGI-USA Rock the Era Youth Festival


A Certificate of Honor from the California State Senate


Oko Takes African Culture to China

Oko with the team in China At the office in China
Signing the contract Oko with the team in China 
Oko with his translator Receiving a gift

International Festivals & Concerts

Soto Koto concert management was established in 2000 to provide competent technical support services to the international artists and the event industry; over the years we have successfully planned and managed festival and concert projects in many parts of Europe, Asia, America, Africa and the Caribbean.

In the process, we have significantly expanded both our circle of contacts and knowledge of local regulations and conditions. We are a success story in organising festivals and promoting your concerts. In 2001, as a result of being unable to locally source high quality staging and scenery at an acceptable cost, we decided to establish our own global scenic locations around the wonders of the world, buildings and heritage sites organizing our concerts and festivals in exotic locations around the world.

Bring our festivals to your city and promote your tourism, hospitality and travel industry. Mail us today and we will bring you Africa.

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